I miss being a fake ginger.

Hiya! I’m Lisa from Oregon. I write contemporary romance set in Scotland. Kilts, amirite? I try to distract you with some laughs then hit you with the feels.

I love to craft (cross stitch, knit, crochet, felt, make jewelry), binge watch crime dramas and travel. I am a public relations pro who specializes in social media and I’m working on a master’s degree focused on public archaeology.

I kicked cancer’s ass. NBD. Two back-to-back misdiagnosed UTIs led to a surprise! kidney tumor! situation. I’m happy to tell the story over a dram or gallon of beer. Wine too. Really anything.

If you follow me on social media you’ll probably quickly learn I also love unicorns, rainbows, gifs, BuzzFeed listicles, and Justin Trudeau.

See that neato tartan scarf I’m wearing? That’s the official Clan of Archaeologists tartan. #randomfunfact

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I also opened a Redbubble shop with romance writer/reader swag. Check out I Write Romance on Redbubble or Instagram.

Writing achievements

I earned a finalist spot in both the September 2016 PitchSlam and SonofaPitch contests with my (currently titled) manuscript Plaid Package.